O Allah, You are The True Guide on our Journey and the Protector of our families. O Allah we seek refuge in You from the difficulties of this journey. Ameen.

This is record of Hajj Umrah performed by Lutfur Osman, Shavar Osman, and Azhar Butt in 2017. The purpose of this is for filing what we went through and hope will be of guidence to our members of the family when they make this blesseth journey. We were no experts at this but collected Duas and other information to guide us. We pray to Almighty Allah to accept our efforts and pardon us of any trespasses.Ameen. Above is the scroll down Menu wich has complete recetation of The Holy Quran with English tralations and a few important Surahs. We have also listed some of the places we visited. There are many others but we ran out of time. Remember us in your prayers .


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